Which e-bike for which purpose?

Which e-bike do I actually need for which purpose? We will answer exactly this question for you today. We present various e-bikes from our range with the best purpose.

Adventures in the mountains or in the country

For your trip in the mountains or in the countryside, we will of course use a mountain bike, as a racing bike or city bike are not suitable. We recommend our absolute bestsellers in this category, namely the Himo ZB20 or our Mankeel MK012 . With these two bikes you are well prepared for the next adventure.

Relaxed city tours or for general needs

Do you need an e-bike for everyday use, e.g. to go to work, to go shopping or just to ride a bike for fun? Then we have exactly the right e-bike for you in stock. With the Mankeel MK010 you get a great all-rounder that will never let you down.

Long and fast tours like the pros

Are you enthusiastic about cycling or are you pursuing this passion yourself and would like to try an e-racing bike? Then we have a high-class e-road bike for you. With our Himo C30S you are always safe, fast and reliable, whether uphill or in the valley.

final word

No matter what situation or adventure you need an e-bike for, you will definitely find it with us. Our team of experts will be happy to help if you have any questions or concerns about the specific e-bikes.